Employment Lawyers- How can They Help You?


With the increase in the number of employee-employer labor disputes nowadays, there has been a corresponding increase in the amount of labor-related cases filed in the court system. Also, with the civil rights of workers threatened to be violated by intimidating and self-serving employers, more and more law firms have become engaged in the legal field to offer services to those seeking legal representation and protection. Get more information about business lawyers https://www.sglaw.com/.

Regardless of your reason for hiring legal representation, there is a need to learn as much as you can before you can begin. Here are some scenarios that might require you to seek the help of employment lawyers.

Work-Related Discrimination
Discrimination is the most frequently encountered type of work lawsuit. The federal law restricts employers from using a person’s race, religious views, nationality, gender, handicaps or age when deciding whether to hire or fire them. But it is unfortunate that discrimination still happens quite often. With the help of a civil rights lawyer, you can get to understand whether or not your civil rights have been violated.

Severance Negotiation
While there is no law that requires companies to offer severance packages to their workers, many contracts include the severance agreements. If you are not quite sure or familiar with what the severance agreement in the contract requires of your employer, you should consider seeking the help of an employment lawyer. For more information about the Portland employment lawyer, follow the link.

Overtime Pay
Another instance where employment attorneys often get involved in settling disputes is in the area of overtime pay. Overtime regulations are merely standardized and are different depending on your location. They also are a bit complex to understand. It is, therefore, worth to consult with a legal counselor who is familiar with the regulations of your particular area. Consulting with a local attorney, in this case, is the most viable solution. He will be in a better position of helping you know whether your employer owes you for unpaid work or not.

Wrongful Termination
Most states go by the at-will policy. The policy allows a worker to quit their job whenever he feels like and for any reason he likes. It also allows the employers the right to let the employees go at any time for whatever reason but with some notable exceptions. Discrimination is not a justifiable reason to fire someone. It, therefore, means that if you feel that you have been fired as a result of discrimination, or as a result of a breached contract by the employer, then you can with the help of an employment lawyer file a lawsuit. Click the link for more info about lawyer https://www.huffingtonpost.com/kallen-diggs/3-reasons-why-every-entre_1_b_9391166.html.


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